Tender launch for geothermal heat project in Oradea, Romania

Tender launch for geothermal heat project in Oradea, Romania Oradea, Romania (source: flickr/ Macchi, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 27 Apr 2021

The city of Oradea in Romania has launched a tender for the utilisation of geothermal energy for local district heating.

Termoficare Oradea, the local district heating company fo the city of Oradea in Romania, has put up for auction a design and execution contract for the use of the city’s geothermal energy resources in order to ensure a surplus of thermal energy for the city’s network, as reported locally. We previously reported on plans for geothermal heating in the city. There already is some geothermal heating, with the new project seeming to expand the capacity and distribution. The city is also the location of the only geothermal power plant of Romania, a small ORC unit operating in the city. The city is located in the Northwestern part of Romania close to the Hungarian border.

“Utilization of geothermal energy in association with primary thermal agent, for the production of thermal agent for heating and hot water in the area of ??the multipurpose room”. It is the name of the project launched by Oradea City Hall in the Electronic Public Procurement System.

“The project is located in the southwestern part of Oradea, in the area of ??the future Multipurpose Hall in Oradea, between Fagarasului, Traian Blajovici and Islazului streets and a land under the administration of the University of Oradea,” the announcement reads.

The aim of the project is to use local geothermal renewable energy resources for heating and hot water preparation by more intensive exploitation of thermal energy production capacity in the central heating system SACET Oradea from deep drilling in the University area.

“The object of the project is to present the development variants of the geothermal water exploitation in the Oradea hydro-geothermal perimeter in order to replace on a larger scale the production of conventional thermal energy – obtained by burning fossil fuels with emissions to the atmosphere – with the production of geothermal energy – by extracting as high flows of geothermal water as possible, heated by the terrestrial thermal flow and injecting the thermal wastewater into the collector.

It is envisaged to increase the operating flow in the production well, an increase from which an additional amount of geothermal energy can be obtained, eliminating the emission into the atmosphere of a significant amount of CO2.

The technical solution for the simultaneous protection of air and surface water, in case of increasing the amount of geothermal energy, is the exploitation of geothermal water in a “double” system – production well + injection well – which involves extracting water from production wells, directing it in geothermal thermal stations with heat exchangers and after the heat transfer of the thermal agent from the secondary circuit, the injection into the deposit through injection probes ”, it is also written in the announcement.

The total estimated value of the project is 14.2 million lei (around USD 3.4 million), and the companies wishing to participate in the design and execution have until May 31 to submit their bids. The award of the contract is made through an open tender, the best offer will be selected based on the price-quality ratio, where the price has a weight of 70% in points.