Test operation of geothermal heating project started in Györ, Hungary

Test operation of geothermal heating project started in Györ, Hungary Cars waiting for shipment, Audi Factory, Györ, Hungary (source: flickr/ Hanan Cohen, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 12 Nov 2015

Test operation of a new geothermal heating project by PannErgy has started in Györ, Hungary. The project will provide heat to a plant of car manufacturer Audi.

Reported today, two subsidiaries of PannErgy Plc., DD Energy Ltd. and Arrabona Geothermal Ltd. have started the final test operation of the geothermal heating project in Gy?r. After the completion, the geothermal heat supply system – implemented under the Gy?r Geothermal Project – may start at full capacity. Following the water fill up of the heat pipelines – both primary and secondary pipeline loops – pressure testing was completed at the connection points at the heat offtakers and in the Heat Distribution Centre. Simultaneously, electric parts and control technology equipment installation and start took place, which will be followed by the restoration works and control program tuning in the test operation.

‘In order to maintain sustainable development, utilization of renewable energy is essential in all areas of operations at Gy?r-Szol Ltd. We are looking forward to the practical application of the advanced technical solutions of geothermal energy usage. We are confident that the requirements set in the project agreement are fully complied with and that this environment friendly technology linked to the Gy?r district heating system will contribute us with proper efficiency.’- stated Géza Sági, Chairman and CEO of Gy?r-Szol Ltd.

“Implementation of the geothermal system is another new important milestone in achieving of our environmental goals. Usage of energy-efficient and environment friendly technologies is an essential part of our corporate strategy. Currently, we are considered to be amongst the most efficient companies in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of energy consumption.” stressed Axel Schifferer, CFO of Audi Hungaria.

“It is a new significant milestone for the PannErgy Group after almost two years of work. Test operation of Gy?r Geothermal Project has started, our colleagues are taking care of the final tasks to be able to operate on full capacity. After the completion, the heat supply in accordance with the long-term heat transfer agreements concluded with the heat district supplier of Gy?r County City, Gy?r-Szol Ltd. and Audi Hungaria Motor Ltd. may also begin. In the following weeks, test operation will continue and as a result of that we are hoping to announce the reaching of full operation in the forthcoming weeks.” stated Balázs Bokorovics Chairman of the Board of Director at PannErgy Plc.

Source: PannErgy