The top 10 most read geothermal news of 2019 on ThinkGeoEnergy

The top 10 most read geothermal news of 2019 on ThinkGeoEnergy ThinkGeoEnergy's Top 10 most read news pieces of 2019
Alexander Richter 4 Jan 2020

For the tenth time, here is our annual top 10 list of the most read news pieces of the year 2019 for the past 12 months.

In our annual tradition, here the top 10 most read geothermal news on our website for the year 2019. This is the tenth time we report on our top 10 in our 11 years of existence. We are proud serving the industry as the longest running dedicated geothermal news platform.

  1. The top 10 geothermal countries 2018 – based on installed generation capacity
  2. (Warren) Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway plans lithium extraction from geothermal operations
  3. Drilling contract signed with KenGen for Tulu Moye geothermal project in Ethiopia
  4. Shell joins Eavor’s disruptive new conduction-only geothermal demonstration project
  5. Significant lithium resources confirmed at sites for geothermal projects in Alsace, France
  6. Turkey targets 2,000 MW geothermal power generation capacity by 2020
  7. Chinese TICA Thermal Solutions group to acquire Italian ORC supplier Exergy
  8. Hydrogen production facility to be set up at geothermal plant in New Zealand
  9. Oil giant Shell with bold moves towards a future focused on electricity generation
  10. 40th Anniversary of geothermal power generation at Tiwi (geothermal power plant), Philippines

The top 10 most read news are based on the overall pageviews per article (published in 2019) from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.