Turkey continues its path on becoming a geothermal power house

Turkey continues its path on becoming a geothermal power house Geothermal Development in Turkey 1984 to 2017 (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Alexander Richter 10 Mar 2017

Turkey continues to be a poster child on gradual and continuous geothermal growth with a geothermal power generation capacity of now 858 MW. So lots to discuss at the 2nd IGC Turkey, the geothermal congress in the heart of Turkey's geothermal development.

Over the course of the last two or three years, we have been reporting on the continuous growth of geothermal development in Turkey. We also established a geothermal conference for the sector, to be held again 22 to 24 May 2017 in Izmir. More details via

With a focus on mostly small-to-medium-size plants, Turkey has grown its geothermal power generation capacity from 30 MW in 2008 to 858 MW in 2017 .. and it is only March. With a large number of projects in various stages of development, this year could easily see a jump near the 1,000 MW threshold.

Here an overview on development in Turkey from 1984 to 2017 with data from various sources, including JESDER, Enerji Atlasi and our own research.


Driven by the private sector, Turkey has been able to create a favourable policy framework providing the right incentives to foster development. With feed-in-tariffs that are favourable and USD-nominated, it also implemented a specific bonus for Turkey-made equipment.

So companies supplying turbines to geothermal developers in the country, have set up shop in Turkey to allow their customers profit from those bonuses provided as part of the FIT-set-up.

At a recent conference of the Association of Geothermal Operators in Turkey (JESDER), the sector discussed also challenges faced, as not everything is as easy as it appears. But the sector understands its challenges and is approaching this heads on.

Turkey has made a huge leap on the ranking of countries with installed geothermal power capacity, now ranked no.7 … with room to move further up in the coming years.


With the support of the World Bank and EBRD, developers have been and will continue to be able to build upon strong financial support and instruments fostering development.

At the 2nd IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress to be held in Izmir 22-24 May 2017 in Izmir, Turkey, the sector will convene to share success stories, discuss challenges and technical issues faced in the development and operation of geothermal plants.

Held in the heart of Turkey’s Geothermal Energy Industry, the event brings together representatives from developers, operators, suppliers, government, municipalities and authorities. This year’s conference will explore prospects for the development of heat and electricity producing plants, like the cooling with geothermal heat and the efficiency of the plants, discuss challenges and solutions after drilling and during operation, like scalings and CO2. The conference will have a special emphasis on financing and funding, feature a special Geothermal Workshop on May 22, and the Exergy Field Trip to geothermal power plants in the region on May 24. The workshop will provide attendees with opportunities to learn about how different multilaterals are supporting geothermal development including funding for risk mitigation and project finance.

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