UN Geothermal Training Program is seeking new Managing Director

Snapshot of UNU-Geothermal Training Program video
Alexander Richter 6 Feb 2013

The United Nations University Geothermal Training Program is seeking to fill the vacant post of Managing Director, based in Iceland.

The National Energy Authority of Iceland has announce the vacancy of the position of Director of United Nations University – Geothermal Training Program. (UNU-GTP). A Competence Committee will assess the qualifications of applicants.

The main tasks are:

  • To organize and manage the Geothermal Training Programme in consultation with the Director General of Orkustofnun and the education council of the school in accordance with an agreement between Iceland and the United Nations University.
  • To act as connection in Iceland of UNU with headquarters in Tokyo and participating in University meetings and meetings of heads of agencies of the United Nations University.
  • To organize and be responsible for the selection of students in developing countries and choice of partner institutions there, as well as to plan and be responsible for training and conferences Geothermal school but in the developing world.
  • Ensuring professionalism and other active quality control of the work carried out on behalf of the school, including tuition and student assignments.
  • The responsibility for school finances and budgets and follow.

University Geothermal Training Programme has worked in since 1979 and is part of the development activities in Iceland. Annually, about 30 scientists and engineers from developing countries come for up to 6 months of specialized training in geothermal studies and more than a dozen in master’s and doctoral program in collaboration with the University of Iceland. In addition, the school holds annual workshops in Africa and Central America. Geothermal school is operated as an independent unit within the National Energy Authority of Iceland. Permanent staff of the school is six, but in addition there are several experts from research institutes, universities, engineering firms and utilities teaching at the school.

Information about the school can be found on his website ( ). For more information about the job  provide the Managing Director of the National Energy Authority Dr. Gudni A. John ( gudni.a.johannesson @ ) and former director of the Geothermal Training Programme Dr. Ingvar Birgir Fridleifsson ( , or phone 5696000). The headquarters of the United Nations University is in Tokyo ( ).

Source: Orkustofnun (in Icelandic), Google Translate version