Various new geothermal jobs available on jobs@thinkgeoenergy

ThinkGeoEnergy Geothermal Job Portal, snapshot
Alexander Richter 19 Dec 2011

ThinkGeoEnergy posts several new jobs on the Geothermal Job Portal at

Built and gone live earlier this year, the Geothermal Job Portal of ThinkGeoEnergy is now finally seeing the posting of several new jobs. The jobs posted represent quite a variety of positions from the industry, in various regions.

Among the jobs. posted are:

  • Geothermal Expert, MunichRE – Germany
  • Geothermal Operator, Enel Green Power – U.S.
  • Drilling Manager, Origin Energy – Indonesia
  • Theme Leader, Petroleum & Geothermal Portfolio, CSIRO – Australia
  • PostDoc Research Assistant, Geothermal/ Geochemistry, University of Utah – U.S.
  • … and more

Details about the jobs available can be found on the front page of or via the search function.