Vaterstetten Municipal council passes resolution for geothermal project

Vaterstetten Municipal council passes resolution for geothermal project Trainspotting in Vaterstetten (source: Marcel / flick, Creative Commons)
Carlo Cariaga 5 Jul 2022

The municipality of Vaterstetten in Bavaria, Germany is now going ahead with plans for a geothermal heating plant and network.

The municipal council of Vaterstetten in Bavaria, Germany has passed the basic resolution for the execution of a geothermal heating project. With this, the municipality will proceed with the awarding of consulting services in preparation for drilling.

The council anticipates completion of planning, negotiations, and clarification of grants by 2023. Drilling will then start by 2024 for the start of heat supply by 2025 via the existing heating network.

Mayor Leonhard Spitzauer anticipates a total investment of EUR 75 million for the project. About EUR 35 million will go towards the drilling and the remaining EUR 40 million will be for the construction of the heating network. With the municipality already in debt, Spitzauer has stated that they cannot do it alone. The municipality is now looking for an investor for the project.

According to municipal business developer Georg Kast, the project has very good economic viability. “We can say with certainty that we can supply the entire municipal area,” says Kast. He also states that the economic considerations were made even before the occupation of Ukraine, which means the project is even more economical considering the current status.

Promising talks are already in place for the participation of neighboring areas including Grasbrunn, Zorneding, and Haar. The possibility of supplying third parties outside the municipality is also being considered and will improve the project’s viability in the long term.