Webinar – Geo-energy communication for publics and policy, Feb. 17, 2021

Webinar – Geo-energy communication for publics and policy, Feb. 17, 2021 Webinar announcement (snapshot)
Alexander Richter 13 Feb 2021

Communication towards to the public and policy stakeholders is crucial, last but not least for the geo-energy/ geothermal sector. So don't miss this fantastic webinar to lean more on key elements on communication.

Under the EU-funded Multi-sites EGS  Demonstration (MEET) project, Prof. Iain Stewart, Professor of Geoscience Communication and Director of Sustainability Earth Institute of the University of Plymouth in the UK will give an interesting presentation communication in geothermal.

Titled “Taking the heat out of Geothermal – Geo-energy communication for Publics and Policy”, the talk is the introductory lecture of the Geothermal Winter School 2021 in the framework of the Horizon 2020 EU-project MEET.

Geothermal energy is becoming increasingly seen as a vital part of the ‘energy transition’ and an essential part of the sustainable development toolkit. A critical investment and implementation barriers to a global expansion of geothermal energy, however, is demonstrating its ‘social licence to operate’. Gaining the broad societal acceptance of geothermal energy is hampered by low public awareness about the subsurface exploitation of geo-energy and poor community participation in energy projects development. Therefore, the key to gaining societal acceptance is effective communication of highly technical science to non-technical audiences, from local residents to political decision-makers.

In this talk, Pr. Iain Stewart will build on a 15-year partnership working with BBC television making popular earth science documentaries – intergrated with direct experience of public communications and communtiy engagement with a deep geothermal drilling project in SW England, to examine how effective public engagement can drive forward future geothermal energy projects.

Note: This public talk will be disseminated at different levels in the European community in order to popularize geothermal energy (secondary teachers, general science associations, geology & geothermal associations, local-national-European authorities, decision-makers, environmental organisations, NGOs, research, industry, etc.)

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