Webinar – REPowering the EU – geothermal’s role, Apr. 29, 2022

Webinar – REPowering the EU – geothermal’s role, Apr. 29, 2022 Webinar announcement
Alexander Richter 25 Apr 2022

Join this webinar with Sanjeev Kumar of EGEC to learn more on what geothermal energy can do for Europe and Europe can do for geothermal.

As part of the regular IGC Webinar series – a partnership of Enerchange and ThinkGeoEnergy – we are proud to host this week’s speaker, Sanjeev Kumar, Head of Policy at European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC). With the title of his presentation “REPowering the EU: What geothermal can do for Europe and what Europe can do for geothermal”, we can expect a rather interesting take.

After the presentation you will have the opportunity to discuss and ask further questions.

The European Union started the process to hardwire a -55% greenhouse gas emission reduction into the legislation before Ukraine was invaded. Whist heat decarbonisation was on the agenda there, the ensuing energy crisis and drive to replace imported fossil energy provides renewed impetus to replace fossil heating and cooling with geothermal.  Sanjeev Kumar, Head of Policy at EGEC will discuss the opportunities and challenges from this Fit for 55 package and the additional measures likely to come from the REPowerEU plan. which is expected to be launched in May”.

ThinkGeoEnergy recently reported on the call by 150 companies, led by EGEC, on the European Commission to prepare a Geothermal Strategy by 2023.

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