Work on geothermal project in Karlovac, Croatia progressing

Work on geothermal project in Karlovac, Croatia progressing Karlovac, Croatia (source: flickr/ János Korom Dr., creative commons)
Alexander Richter 13 Jan 2021

Municipality owned development company is pushing ahead with work to progress the planned geothermal heat and power plant in Karlovac, Croatia.

So while progress on the planned geothermal project in Karlovac, Croatia is not visible, work is progressing with the next step of drilling the first exploration well is expected to demand funding of 28 million kuna (around EUR 3.7 million).  Company GeothermiKA received a permit for exploration of geothermal springs for Karlovac 1 in December 2019, and it is valid for 5 years

New steps towards the “Yeti”, as Mayor Damir Mandic called the geothermal springs near Karlovac, although we do not see it yet, are still being made, and after this year GeothermiKA obtains the necessary documentation, what follows will be visible to the naked eye well.

GeothermiKA is a company founded by the City for the research and exploitation of geothermal water of the Karlovac geothermal field for the needs of the existing heating system of the city, which expects support from EU funds for electricity production for public facilities in the city – health facilities, schools, kindergartens , city administration facilities and public lighting. Upon receipt of the exploration permit, GeothermiKA started activities related to the research of geothermal waters in the exploration area Karlovac 1 and last year it already did a lot of work.

“We are in the process of developing business cooperation and researching opportunities for cooperation with various companies, and we also work closely with ministries and public administration bodies. A tender for the analysis and interpretation of existing seismic data was conducted and a contract worth 145,000 kuna was concluded with the contractor,” director Vlatko Kovacic told KAportal.

He adds that the study was completed in June last year. The analysis and interpretation determined the locations for two pairs of wells (two production KaGT-1, KaGT-3 and two injection KaGT-2 and KaGT-4) and the geological basis for the exploration well Karlovac Geothermal 1 (KaGT-1).

“In October and November, with the help of the City, we conducted a public procurement for documentation: Preliminary design for the construction of a geothermal exploration well and construction of a drilling rig to accommodate a drilling rig, Environmental Protection Study to assess the need for environmental impact assessment, Preliminary design for drilling space,” Kovacic tells us.

The contract has been signed and the documentation is being prepared. The value of the contract is HRK 386,250.

“Together with the City and the City Heating Plant for 2021, we received funds for the preparation of part of the documentation for the EU tender European City Facility (EUCF) in the amount of 450,000 kuna. In 2021, we plan to complete all the remaining necessary documentation for the construction of the first exploration well KaGT-1, and obtain a location permit for the first exploration well KaGT-1. In the Budget of the City of Karlovac, HRK 1,100,000 has been provided for the continuation of works,” says the director of Geothermal.

He announced that this year, from the necessary documentation / study for the further course of the project, it is planned to develop the main oil and mining project of the KaGT-1 exploration well, the main project of building the KaGT-1 well, and all documentation needed for the construction of other KaGT-2 exploration well. The estimated value of the documentation is more than HRK 2,000,000.

Next year, however, the project will get physical outlines because “the estimated value of the construction / drilling of the first exploration well KaGT-1 is 28,300,000 kuna in 2022.”

“We have a lot ahead of us that we can and should do for our city from which we live and for which we are responsible. We believe that together we will achieve that Karlovac is a pleasant and energy-independent city for all of us, and as such it will be our greatest reward,” concluded Kovacic.

What the potentials of geothermal springs are, whether the water is really, as expected, warmer than 160 degrees and other characteristics, will be shown by the first well and research next year. And then it will be more certain whether the water, except for heat and electricity, in the next stages, which is even further in the future, will be used to heat the sports and recreation center, or swimming pool, and in agriculture.

Source: KAportal