20th World Petroleum Congress, Call for (geothermal) Papers

20th World Petroleum Congress, Call for (geothermal) Papers Skyline of Doha, Qatar (source: flickr/ etnobofin, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 22 Dec 2010

Call for Papers in the Geothermal and Hydro Options forum as part of the 20th World Petroleum Conference in Doha, Qatar.

The World Petroleum Council has been the world’s premier oil & gas forum since 1933. The Council helps to catalyse and facilitate dialogue amongst stakeholders and find sustainable solutions to key energy issues. The World Petroleum Conference is the key event of the Council and takes place in 2011 for the 20th time, December 4-8 in Doha, Qatar.

For the upcoming conference, CanGEA’s Chair Alison Thompson has been selected for the role of Forum Chair in the “Geothermal and Hydro Options” forum as part of the “Complementary Energy Sources” block of the conference.

The Conference also has released a “Call for Papers”, which must be submitted by March 31, 2011.

Official Call for Papers as part of the “Geothermal and Hydro Options” forum.

“Globally, geothermal power is the fourth largest source of renewable electricity after hydro, biomass and wind. Conventional geothermal resources are becoming more competitive with coal and gas-fired plants for providing baseload power, due to clean energy incentives and higher power prices. These improved economics are enabling projects at smaller scales and at lower resource temperatures. Recent progress in Enhanced geothermal systems will open up the possibility of large scale development of non-traditional geothermal systems. Up to now only about 30% of estimated global hydro power resources have been developed. This session will focus on addressing key technical and market challenges for increasing geothermal and hydro development.

Only the main author can submit their unpublished, original abstracts of about 300 words. They will need to register their details, list their co-authors, than enter their abstract text (maximum of 350 words). Before submitting, they will get a chance to review their abstract and then have to provide their copyright agreement before the abstract can be submitted.

Papers can be submitted online: Click Here