CanGEA Geothermal Policy Mechanisms + LCOE Workshop, June 19, 2015

CanGEA Workshop (source: CanGEA)
Alexander Richter 4 Jun 2015

CanGEA Geothermal Policy Mechanisms & LCOE Workshop, Only 20 seats available. Register now to secure your spot!

While Canada is one of the 82 countries worldwide using geothermal heat for spas and fish farms, it can be doing so much more. Geothermal energy is used around the world to produce jobs and economic prosperity in regions with geothermal resources. To name a few examples, these videos show geothermal heat being used for greenhouses, fish farms, tree nurseries, and even breweries!

Geothermal energy is also delivering clean, low-cost, baseload electricity in 24 countries, however, not 1 MW of geothermal power is being produced in Canada.

Have you ever wondered why? Is it the cost?

Come see CanGEA present results from over 100 engineering case studies prepared by Enerpro Engineering used to arrive at an expected plant-gate cost $/MWh, for various proposed geothermal power projects across the country.

Also presented will be expected $/MWt for various direct uses of geothermal energy as well as combined heat and power cases.

Results covered will include several different plant sizes and locations, including the Prairies, Coast, Mountains, and the North. Both Hot Sedimentary Aquifer (HSA) and Hot Fractured Rock geologic environments will be assessed.

This will be followed by a discussion with CanGEA’s policy advisor, Justin Crewson, on how other countries are ensuring that their viable geothermal resources do not sit idle, but instead contribute to sustainable economic and social prosperity. He will be presenting results from his recently completed gap analysis on international geothermal policy mechanisms, which will aid Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) towards more successful geothermal Power and Heat Purchase Agreements.

In addition, a horizontal tax scan will be presented by DLA Piper (Canada) LLP. This presentation will be aimed at highlighting areas of asymmetry between the tax incentives offered to oil & gas, mining and other renewables, in comparison to those available to geothermal developers. Come and let your priorities be known so that CanGEA’s follow-on work can best serve your organization’s strategic goals.

This is also a prime networking opportunity for the emerging geothermal industry.

CanGEA Members: $10
NRC-IRAP SME Clients: $25
Government & NGOs: $25
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Optional Networking Lunch Buffet from Noon – 1:00 PM

“Geothermal electricity generation is a mature, baseload generation technology that can provide very competitive electricity where high-quality resources are well-defined.”
– International Renewable Energy Agency, January 2015

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Source: CanGEA