Deutsche ErdWärme GmbH starts 3D seismic study at Waghäusel-Philippsburg

Deutsche ErdWärme GmbH starts 3D seismic study at Waghäusel-Philippsburg Waghäusel Eremitage Palace (source: City of Waghäusel)
Alexander Richter 14 Oct 2019

German geothermal developer Deutsche Erdwärme GmbH has engaged DMT GmbH & Co. KG to conduct a 3D seismic study in the area of its Waghäusel-Philippsburg geothermal license to determine the location of resources and location for a planned geothermal plant.

In August 2019, German geothermal developer Deutsche Erdwärme GmbH acquired the license for Waghäusel-Philippsburg, as we reported.

In order to confirm the expected attractive geothermal reservoirs and determine the best location for a potential geothermal plant, Deutsche Erdwärme commissioned the specialized metering service provider DMT GmbH & Co. KG with the necessary measuring work in the Waghäusel region, as the company announced on its website. As a result, a high-resolution, three-dimensional map of the subsurface is to be created.

In the planned 3D seismic campaign, three special measuring trucks (so-called vibro vehicles) are driving down previously defined measuring lines. The vehicles stop about every 50 meters and send controlled sound waves into the ground via special floor plates. The echo reflected from the different rock layers underground is recorded by geophones on the surface.

In October 2019, the consent of the affected property owners will be obtained. The measurements themselves are scheduled to start in November 2019. They take about six to eight weeks. The measurements take place on an area of ??about 60 square kilometers along the selected streets, paths and plots in Waghäusel, Kirrlach, Wiesental and in parts of Hambrücken.

DMT GmbH & Co. KG is a specialized service provider with many years of experience in conducting such measurement campaigns.

In the immediate vicinity of the measuring trucks slight vibrations are noticeable, comparable to a passing tram. Because the vehicles are also slightly wider than normal trucks, it can lead to short-term traffic impairments. The measurements themselves last only a few seconds. Afterwards the earth microphones and measuring cables are removed again. Further effects are not to be feared.

With 3D seismic, naturally occurring thermal water reservoirs can be precisely located. Based on the measured data, you can see exactly where and at what depth the reservoirs are located. This allows the holes to be targeted to the appropriate areas for maximum safety and efficiency.

After completion of the measurements, the data are evaluated. In addition, additional expert reports are prepared before a decision can be made on the construction of a geothermal plant.

Source: Deutsche ErdWärme