Fluid hammer drilling technology could unlock huge untapped geothermal potential

Fluid hammer drilling technology could unlock huge untapped geothermal potential Drilling rig during testing in Australia (source: Strada Global)
Alexander Richter 23 Mar 2020

With the successful testing of its deep drilling technology for the geothermal industry, Strada Global is confident that its Fluid Hammer Operating System could unlock previously inaccessible sources of geothermal energy and reduce drilling cost.

The potential of geothermal energy can now be accessed across the globe with the successful testing of unique and patented deep drilling technology, so a release by Strada Energy in a release today. Strada’s patented Fluid Hammer Operating System (FHOS) unlocks previously inaccessible sources of geothermal energy in any terrain and is capable of reducing drilling costs by up to 70%.

Strada Global, an innovative deep drilling company at the forefront of geothermal technology has successfully tested its first dual circulation water hammer, and the final part of their patented Fluid Hammer Operating System (FHOS) for the global geothermal industry. The proven technology revolutionises traditional drilling techniques and makes large-scale geothermal applications possible and profitable, irrespective of resource depth and local geology. Strada’s patented technology can also be applied for critical infrastructure projects that require safe, fast and affordable drilling.

Testing was completed in Australia in January where Strada was able to demonstrate the advantages of their unique system, allowing a significantly higher drilling rate in hard rock, deeper drilling capability and better safety due to downhole condition controllability.

This important final testing results follow the approval of Strada’s patented system by the Lloyds Register, which found that the new technology could achieve depths of over 6,000 metres, and was capable of reducing drilling costs by up to 70% in comparison to existing technologies, due to quicker drilling, longer drill bit life and reduced mobilisation costs.

Strada CEO Ben Strange commented, “Geothermal energy has the greatest potential of any renewable resource on the planet today. Until now, it has been one of the least used. Strada are incredibly excited to launch a proven drilling solution that can disrupt global energy markets by unlocking previously unattainable geothermal resources, anywhere in the world. Our patented technology has the potential to solve the world’s electricity, district heating, cooling and clean water needs, all from a renewable resource.”

Strada’s patented Fluid Hammer Operating System (FHOS) uniquely combines the advantages and safety aspects of the mud rotary system with the high penetration rates in hard formations found in air hammer percussion drilling systems, and can be easily adapted to most drilling rigs. This game-changing technology enables mankind to unlock limitless energy potential through pioneering innovation, reducing costs and improving efficiency with hard-rock drilling. Strada aims to increase international awareness of accessing this energy source that can be viably accessed by their patented FHOS.

In 2016, using air hammer technology coupled with experience, the Strada team were able to drill to 4,520 metres in the hardest rock formations in Finland in just 89 days. Now fully tested, the FHOS technology delivers further cost saving and safety advantages for global geothermal energy and underwater drilling for critical infrastructure projects and governments who have committed to achieving Tier 4 emissions regulations.

Currently the world uses about 15,000 MW of geothermal energy, yet the potential for vast clean, baseload power is right under our feet. Geothermal projects have been limited due to the difficulty, expense and geographical restrictions of drilling down far enough to reach that energy. Strada’s proven technology solves those issues, allowing for deeper drilling and cost-effective access, and unlocking new sources of geothermal energy.

Source: company release by email