Interview with experts from Mannvit comparing geothermal with oil/ gas drilling

Drilling Rig Thor of Iceland Drilling (source: Iceland Drilling)
Alexander Richter 21 Dec 2015

In a recent interview with GeoDrilling International, two experts from Icelandic engineering firm Mannvit discuss the differences between geothermal and oil & gas drilling.

In the December version of GeoDrilling International magazine, two geothermal drilling experts of Icelandic engineering firm Mannvit were interviewed on “Deep geothermal drilling”. In the interview Kristinn Ingason and Thoroddur Sigurdsson discuss the difference between geothermal and oil & gas drilling, among other things.

Excerpt from the GDI article: The Drilling techniques in the geothermal field include over-balanced, hammer and underbalanced drilling, among others.“The most common method is rotary drilling by direct circulation of water-based drilling mud or water in the production part. Other frequently used methods are the aerated drilling ones. Reasons for introducing air into the drilling fluid might be highly permeable formations causing loss of circulation or to minimise formation damage to enhance possible productivity of the wells,” explain the experts from Mannvit.

Read more on the piece shared by Mannvit, here, or read entire 5 page article from GDI here (pdf). The whole issue is available at

Source: Mannvit