Learn more about how to participate in the 202 GRC Virtual Annual Meeting

Virtual Exhibition Platform for GRC Virtual Annual Meeting 2020 (source: webinar screenshot)
Alexander Richter 3 Oct 2020

GRC has released recordings of two webinars that provide an introduction on how to engage in the virtual environment of the event, as well as providing details for exhibitors and sponsors of the event.

This week, the U.S. Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) held two webinars providing an insight into what to expect with the upcoming GRC Virtual Annual Meeting, October 18-23, 2020.

Webinar on the Virtual Experience for the eventRecording from September 30, 2020

GRC Virtual Experience Webinar

The thought of navigating a virtual annual meeting and expo can be a little intimidating. This Virtual Experience Webinar recording provides a deep-dive demonstration into the digital platform GRC will be using for the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & Expo.

During this 40-minute webinar, viewers will be able to view the digital platform and get an understanding of how the platform looks and feels, how it works, and how to interact with the speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and other attendees. The webinar also navigates through the interactive Expo Hall – which is built on a cutting-edge video game platform!


Webinar Exhibitors and Sponsor DemoRecording from October 1, 2020

Exhibitor & Sponsor Webinar

Clearly there is a preference for in-person meeting by most exhibitors and sponsors, but virtual conferences are part of our future and GRC is here to set you up for success! Watch the Sponsors & Exhibitors Demo Webinar to gain insight on the many benefits of becoming an exhibitor or sponsor this year. You’ll also view a deep-dive demonstration into the digital exhibit hall platform GRC will be using for the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & Expo.

This 40-minute webinar is split into 3 parts and will cover everything you need to know so you can set up and run your virtual booth similarly to how you would in-person, if not better!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the virtual exhibit hall and see things from the attendees’ perspective
  • Design your booth with attention-grabbing content and graphics
  • Use the chat feature to your advantage
  • Maximize attendee engagement
  • Host video calls or sessions with attendees directly from your virtual booth
  • Promote your booth and participation to your community and social media followers
  • Understand post-meeting analytics

The Sponsors & Exhibitors Demo Webinar is perfect for sponsors and exhibitors who have already registered for the GRC Virtual Annual Meeting & Expo, those who have not yet registered, and those with a general curiosity about everything we’re doing.

Source: GRC