Notes and presentations of meeting of the Global Geothermal Alliance/ IRENA have been released

Notes and presentations of meeting of the Global Geothermal Alliance/ IRENA have been released Meeting of the Global Geothermal Alliance, IRENA Assembly, Jan. 2020 (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Alexander Richter 28 Feb 2020

A meeting summary and presentations of the meeting of the Global Geothermal Alliance held in conjunction with the 10th session of the IRENA Assembly have been released.

During the 10th Session of the IRENA Assembly, members and partners of the Global Geothermal Alliance participated in the thematic meeting “Global Geothermal Alliance: Enabling Frameworks for Accelerated Geothermal Energy Development”, held on 12 January 2020.

The meeting was a platform to inform the participants about the status of the activities undertaken under the GGA as well as the geothermal activities undertaken by members and partners in the recent past. It was also an opportunity for the participants to share about the challenges and experiences; and establish networks to support geothermal development at national and regional level.


  1. Representatives from Members: Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Switzerland, Uganda, Turkey
  2. Representatives from Partners: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, GEODEEP French Geothermal Cluster for Heat and Power, Geothermal Canada, International Geothermal Association; International Renewable Energy Agency; Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

In addition, representatives from non-members and non-partners who attended the meeting and made contributions include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Saint Lucia and the Serbian Geothermal Association.

In this regard, please find attached the two presentations given during the meeting.

  1. Global Geothermal Alliance: Updates on activities in 2019 – Luca Angelino, Programme Officer, IRENA
  2. Deploying UNFC Geothermal: A global storyAlexander Richter, International Geothermal Association,

A full summary of the meeting has also been shared.

Source: IRENA/ Global Geothermal Alliance

Disclaimer: the author participated in the event and presented on behalf of the IGA.