Online course on heat pump systems with Jay Egg, April 12, 2021

Online course on heat pump systems with Jay Egg, April 12, 2021 Online Course announcement
Alexander Richter 26 Mar 2021

Join Jay Egg, one of the most prolific spokesperson for groundsource heat pumps is holding a fantastic introduction online course April 12, 2021.

When, I set up ThinkGeoEnergy, I made a conscious decision to focus on “deep geothermal” only, so geothermal energy use for power generation and large scale direct use of hot water resources.  As part of that geothermal heat pumps have not been part of our coverage.

Yet with a blurring of lines between the – let’s call it – conventional deep geothermal with heat exchange systems, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain that clear cut differentiation and not cover heat pumps. We will still have to figure out exactly how to do it. With the efforts of companies developing closed-loop systems, utilising hot dry rock wells for some kind of heat exchange system or deeper “heat pump”-type of set-ups, there clearly is an overlap that we cannot neglect anymore.

As part of that we reached out to one of, if not the geothermal heat pump guru in the U.S., Jay Egg. Taking me through an excellent overview on geothermal heat pumps I really got a crash course that converted me to the idea that we really need to cover it.

So it is with an absolute honor that I want to promote his webinar on “Heat Pump System (Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps) and Hybrid Design“, on April 12, 2021- 11am to 1pm CDT

Instructors Jay Egg, CMC, and Kristy Egg BSPH, RN, will introduce students to electric heat pump operation for the heating and cooling of buildings. This course will increase the capacity of participants to competently integrate air source and ground source heat pumps into buildings. In certain situations, buildings may have already existing combustion heating systems that may be left in place to handle peak heating needs. Additionally, hybrid air source, ground source and fossil fuel systems may have a place in the phased conversion of buildings.

Learning objectives of the course include understanding the context and content of heat pumps, identifying useful principles for operation and decarbonization, understanding existing barriers to geothermal adoption and how to manage them, learning about carbon emission reduction goals, and comparing carbon emissions of combustion heating systems and electric heat pumps.

Jay Egg, Egg Geo, LLC, is a geothermal HVAC consultant, author and speaker. After serving in the U.S. Navy nuclear power field, he began a career in mechanical design engineering and contracting. Now, as an expert consultant, Jay sits on several technical code committees internationally, and is currently engaged as a member of the Legionella Task Group for the 2024 IAPMO Uniform Mechanical Code. He has co-authored two McGraw-Hill textbooks focused on geothermal HVAC technologies, and he continues to write curriculum and lecture on the merits of clean heating and cooling technologies.

Kristy Egg is a registered nurse, public health and epidemiology professional with a keen interest in environmental, community and public health programs. Over the past decade she has studied and developed a definite interest, bordering on obsession, in Legionella outbreaks in cooling towers. She now assists with water management programs, and she is quickly becoming a respected resource on Legionella-associated biofilms. This has led her to pursue additional education, certification and teaching in the public health and epidemiological arena.

To learn more and register, click here. The cost to attend is $89, which clearly is a bargain on the wealth of information to be expected.