Ormat Technologies launches new high-performance between-bearings turbine

Ormat Technologies launches new high-performance between-bearings turbine Steamboat Complex 1988-2020, NV, USA, 84 MW (source: Ormat)
Alexander Richter 22 Mar 2021

Ormat Technologies continues its technology development and has launched a new high-performance between-bearings turbine.

NY-stock market listed Ormat Technologies has announced the launch of a new new, high-performance between-bearings turbine. According to the release, utilizing the traditional radially split design, the turbine rotor in the new product is supported between the axially spaced bearings. The new design offers the best of both worlds. Maintaining the radially split design optimizes high temperature and pressure management while keeping costs to a minimum. The between-bearings rotor Enhances rotor durability, increasing the product life of the bearings and improving the power output from a single turbine by up to 50% when compared to the overhang design.

Ormat’s between-bearings turbine design is field-proven, with over 25 turbines already in operation globally. It operates with up to five expansion stages, for maximum performance and efficiency. The new turbine is the newest addition to the Ormat family of advanced technology that already includes 71 patents…and counting!

Ormat Technologies has now a team of over 200 engineers continually working on new technologies to improve power stations through creative thinking and advanced technology.

Source: Ormat