PIVOT 2022 – all hands on deck, July 25-29, 2022

PIVOT 2022 – all hands on deck, July 25-29, 2022 PIVOT2022 event announcement
Alexander Richter 27 Feb 2022

The annual PIVOT from hydrocarbons to heat event will be held in the last week of July 2022.

Launched in 2020, the annual PIVOT ‘From Hydrocarbons to Heat’ gathering will be held in the week of July 25, 2022, so an announcement by Jamie Beard of the Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization at the University of Texas in Austin in a LinkedIn post. The Pivot events are a decade-long series aimed at tracking, celebrating, and instigating oil and gas industry engagement in geothermal research, development, and scale, so an announcement

The theme of the first year, “Kicking off the Geothermal Decade” has become a tagline for media and industry alike is describing the opportunity in this massive clean energy resource.

The theme of #PIVOT2021, “Geothermal Reimagined” was inspired by the flourish of startups led by oil and gas industry teams, who launched and dreamed up new ‘geothermal anywhere’ innovations and concepts – with several charging into the field for projects and demonstrations.

The amazing and fast critical mass that has developed within industry this past year, with entities who were firmly on the sidelines for #PIVOT2020 throwing their hats into the geothermal ring inspired this year’s theme: “All Hands on Deck.” This also reflects the underlying philosophy of PIVOT – that the oil and gas industry has the technologies, knowledge, and talent to take geothermal exponential within this decade. We need all of your brains engaged to make it happen.

This year at #PIVOT2022, we will discuss the bleeding edge of industry engagement in geothermal like years past – but we will also advance the ball with technical working sessions, peer review panels of geothermal demonstrations, and startup pitches…plus a few surprises.

To stay tuned on the developing program and details, check out the event website here.

Source: Jamie Beard via LinkedIn