Pivot2020 – Building the future of geothermal – Panel Recordings

Pivot2020 – Building the future of geothermal – Panel Recordings Pivot2020 Virtual Geothermal Event, July 2020 - Banner
Alexander Richter 20 Jul 2020

Last week's Pivot2020 online event provided a wealth of information in the form of discussions by people from the different segments of the oil and gas and geothermal sector, discussing the future of geothermal, last but not least in the opportunities it provides. Listen in to the recordings.

Pivot2020 a week-long virtual event of ten moderated roundtables (and in the end an additional panel) last week, featured thought leaders and change makers who are building the future of geothermal energy. Panelists included leaders from the oil and gas industry, geothermal industry, academia, governments, national labs, and start-up companies.

Hosted by the Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO) at the University of Texas at Austin, and the International Geothermal Association (IGA), along with industry and organizational partners and friends, the event brought together people from the oil sector and geothermal globally.

?The conversations of all the panels ranged from technical elements, career, new technologies, entrepreneurship, the role the oil and gas sector can play in geothermal development, and what geothermal energy can play in the future of renewable energy.

Everyone that joined the conversations about the Future of Geothermal Energy was rather excited about the quality and diversity of the discussions. So if you had not the chance to join, or want to refresh your memory on those discussions, click on the sessions you would like listen to (via Microsoft Teams link).

For further details, the different panelists and moderators and topics of the panels, click here.