Recordings – Pivot2021, Geothermal. Reimagined Event

Recordings  – Pivot2021, Geothermal. Reimagined Event Pivot2021 YouTube channel - screenshot
Alexander Richter 3 Aug 2021

Find the recordings of all the panel discussion of this year's Pivot Geothermal.Reimagined event.

This year’s PIVOT2021 Geothermal.Reimagined event was a great success featuring a large list of great discussions on everything related to geothermal development, technology, challenges, opportunities and more.

Five days of panel discussions with leaders and thinkers of the industry clearly provided a great basis for discussions then and going forward.

If you missed these sessions, don’t despair and most – if not all – panel discussions have since been uploaded on YouTube.

So check them out on the Pivot 2021 YouTube Channel