Sign-up for field trips offered around the GRC Annual Meeting in California

Navy I geothermal power plant near Coso Hot Springs, California (source: J.L. Renner, INL, via DOE, EERE)
Alexander Richter 6 Aug 2019

In addition to the main event of the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo taking place September 15-18, 2019 in Palm Springs/ California, there will be a grand total of four fieldtrips before and after the conference. Don't wait to sign up.

In addition to the main event of the taking place September 15-18, 2019, there will be a grand total of four before and after the conference.

As spaces are filling-up for these popular excursions, don’t wait to sign-up.

  • Saturday, September 14 (Half Day) San Andreas Fault Jeep Tour – 19 spaces left!
  • Sunday, September 15 (Half Day) Palm Canyon Hiking Tour – 13 spaces left!
  • Wednesday – Thursday, September 18-19 (Two Days) Imperial Valley – 20 spaces left!
  • Wednesday – Thursday, September 18-19 (Two Days) Coso Geothermal Operations and GreenFire Energy’s Closed-Loop Demonstration Plant – 21 spaces left!

Just before the start of the conference two half-day trips will offer a chance to relax and enjoy the fantastic scenery and culture of the Palm Springs area. On Saturday, will take you into the California Desert, along the San Andreas fault-zone through slot canyons and a natural palm oasis. On Sunday morning, will visit a special place for the Agua Caliente (Hot Water) Band of Cahuilla Indians among the trees in a beautiful palm oasis.

Just after the end of the GRC Annual Meeting & Expo on September 18, a two-day fieldtrip will take advantage of a rare opportunity to explore operations, volcanic geology and hydrothermal features of the located at the China Lake Naval Air Warfare Station, California. This tour will also include a visit to GreenFire Energy’s experimental project demonstrating closed-loop geothermal power production technology using both water and supercritical CO2 as working fluids.

Also departing on Wednesday, September 18 another two-day fieldtrip will , home to the world renowned Salton Sea geothermal field. In addition to stops at the John L. Featherstone and Heber geothermal power plants, there will also be up-close observations of quaternary volcanoes, mud volcanoes, hot springs and an actively spreading mud pot! The valley has become a significant hot-spot for renewable energy – with production from geothermal, solar, wind and biofuel – and possibly soon to be one of the most important regions for lithium mining.

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