Theistareykir geothermal power plant receives prestigious IPMA Global Project Excellence Award

Theistareykir geothermal power plant receives prestigious IPMA Global Project Excellence Award Landsvirkjun receiving IPMA Global Project Excellence Award, Oct. 2019 (source: IPMA)
Alexander Richter 3 Oct 2019

Icelandic national power company Landsvirkjun has been awarded the Global Project Management Excellence Award for its geothermal power plant of Theistareykir in the Northeast of Iceland.

During the annual International Project Management Association (IPMA) World Congress, the 18th Global Award Gala was held and winners of the IPMA global Project Excellence Awards were announced.

During the event, the Theistareykir geothermal power plant of Iceland’s national power company Landsvirkjun in the Northeast of Iceland, was awarded the International Project Management Association’s Gold Award – the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award. The award is the largest award awarded in the field of project management worldwide. The main focus of the awards this year was sustainability.

Theistareykir power plant received the award in the category “Large-Sized Projects” – large projects. The jury’s verdict identifies as the main strength of the project excellent communication with stakeholders at the preparation and implementation stage and a coordinated project group focusing on safety and environmental issues, in the spirit of Landsvirkjun’s policy of responsible utilization of renewable renewable energy sources.

In a statement, Hördur Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun said: “The award is a great honor to Landsvirkjun and all those who came close to the Theistareykjaver project; staff, consultants and contractors, not least given that this year’s theme of the awards was sustainability. It is gratifying that our efforts to develop and manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner should attract international attention, as sustainable use of resources is one of our most important interests of all time. ”

IPMA Awards Video for the Theistareykir geothermal power plant

About the IPMA Prize:

The International IPMA Awards were held for the 18th time and were held in Mexico this year. More than 250 project management professionals from all over the world attended the festival. Landsvirkjun submitted an application to participate in the competition in March this year and in the aftermath a five-member delegation from IPMA came to Iceland to take the project out. The evaluation included a visit to the workshop and detailed discussions with the project’s internal and external stakeholders.

About Theistareykir geothermal power plant:

Theistareykir is the first geothermal power plant that Landsvirkjun has built from the ground up. The plant consists of two 45 MW turbines, with a total capacity of 90 MW. From the beginning of the design and preparation of the installation, the main goal was to build a cost-effective and reliable power station that takes into account its environment and nature. The operation of the station has been successful and the operation of equipment exceeds expectations.

Initiatives to exploit the natural resource at Theistareykir came from locals, but local authorities and residents founded Theistareykir ehf. in 1999. Landsvirkjun first came to the project in 2005 but has since 2011 been preparing for its preparation and implementation.

Research on the geothermal area in Theistareykir stretches back decades. The environmental impact assessment was based on a power plant of up to 200 MW in the area, but the current project saw the construction of a 90 MW power plant in two phases. Construction lasted for over three years.

Theistareykir is the first geothermal power station in the world to be evaluated according to the draft of a new Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol (GSAP). The results of the assessment report indicated that the preparation process at Theistareykir Station has generally been in line with international standards on sustainable development according to the key sustainability indicators. Of the 17 indicators evaluated, 11 received the highest grade given by the key, or “proven best practice.” in terms of communication and consultation with stakeholders and utilization of the geothermal resource.

Details about the Theistareykir geothermal power plant can be found on the following pages:

Below video shows the construction of the plant is though only available in Icelandic

Source: Landsvirkjun