Inspiring action on net zero – Reuters Global Energy Transition 2022, June 14-15, 2022

Inspiring action on net zero – Reuters Global Energy Transition 2022, June 14-15, 2022 Event Banner
Alexander Richter 22 Apr 2022

The Global Energy Transition 2022 conference by Reuters is destined to be a key event in discussing what is needed to turn net zero ambitions to tangible action in the fight against climate change.

The Global Energy Transition 2022 conference – a Reuters Events conference –  (June 14-15, New York) is full steam ahead on delivering a net-zero energy sector. It will be convening 500+ key energy decision makers for two days of exclusive insights and strategic planning, to help deliver the business-critical information needed to guarantee market share and futureproof your organization.

The event is to challenge the possible, set benchmarks, and deliver. The mandate behind climate action is clear. The time for global businesses to turn net zero ambition into tangible action has arrived.

The Five Pillars of Global Energy Transition 2022:
  • Delivering Net Zero: What do successful transition business models look like? How are global businesses navigating this complex energy environment?
  • Society, Governance & People: How will the energy transition affect your workforce and long-term talent pipeline? How can we ensure a Just Transition?
  • Markets, Finance & Investment: What is the role of markets in the energy transition? How can we build burgeoning markets in the energy transition sector?
  • Clean Technology & Electrification: What are the latest innovations in clean technology that will drive your organisation’s transition forward? How can we realise mass electrification?
  • The Industry Transition: What does the heavy industry of the future look like? How will CCS and other technologies evolve the heavy industry of tomorrow?

The team of Reuters Events has carefully assembled a speaker faculty that will convene the industries leading global executives and policymakers to deliver a definitive guide to your transition strategy.

While focused on the complete energy transition, there are a large number of speakers with some touching point on geothermal, among them oil and gas players such as TotalEnergies, Baker Hughes, important other speakers come from the European Union Commission, Sustainable Energy for all and more.

Check out the exciting program here.

We will continue to push for geothermal energy and promote its important role in the complete energy transition that should include heating and cooling.

ThinkGeoEnergy is a proud media partner to the event.

Source: Reuters