Webinar Recording – Casing Design for Geothermal Wells, Tenaris

Webinar Recording – Casing Design for Geothermal Wells, Tenaris Webinar screenshot
Alexander Richter 28 Jun 2021

Find the recording of the presentations and the Q&A session of this webinar with Tenaris on the optimization of casing designs for geothermal wells.

Last week, ThinkGeoEnergy in collaboration with Tenaris held a webinar featuring two presentations by Paolo Novelli, Senior Manager – Technical Sales and Raffaello Zambetti, Manager – Well Design Solutions of Tenaris.

Tenaris is a leading supplier of steel pipes, premium connections and related services for the world’s energy industry, with a strong background also in geothermal energy.

The geothermal energy sector is going through an interesting phase with increasing focus on technology transfer opportunities with players in the oil and gas sector. Combining its knowledge in oil and gas well design with its experience in geothermal, Tenaris can support with innovative solutions, as shared by the presentations by the team. In the webinar Tenaris technical team looked into the typical loads and related tubular products for geothermal wells, shared details about the experiences and case studies of the work done in the geothermal sector.

The following Q&A session answered at least in parts the long list of questions by the participants.

Link: YouTube