Webinar – Sustainable Geothermal: what gets measured gets done, Mar 04, 2022

Webinar – Sustainable Geothermal: what gets measured gets done, Mar 04, 2022 Webinar announcement
Rachel McRae 28 Feb 2022

Join this webinar with Dr. Marit Brommer, Executive Director of the International Geothermal Association (IGA), for an interesting presentation on the Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol.

As part of the regular IGC Webinar series – a partnership of Enerchange and ThinkGeoEnergy – we are proud to host this week’s presenter Dr. Marit Brommer, from IGA, who will hold a presentation on “Sustainable Geothermal: what gets measured get done”.

After the presentation you will have the opportunity to discuss and ask further questions.

After 15 years of operational experience within the oil and gas industry as a wellsite geologist, production technologist and by being involved in seismic technology deployment, Dr. Marit Brommer is now Executive Director of the IGA. Thereby, her main focus is on creating strong partnerships with international operating organizations, partners and industries. Also, she is engaged in strategic initiatives regarding industry standards and sustainability and focuses on financing geothermal projects as wells as public outreach.

Members of the IGA are the leading geothermal operators, developers, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and scientists and currently represent 75 % of the total installed geothermal capacity worldwide. While aiming to increase the installed capacity of geothermal power and heat significantly within the next decades, the IGA wants to ensure that growth in a sustainable way. To do so requires measuring the sustainability factors and agreeing on a globally coherent and standardized procedure. Thereby, the IGA was handed over the Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol (GSAP) at the WGC2020+1 in Reykjavik, which provides a measurement tool to guide and improve the performance in the industry for the key sustainable, social, environmental and economical factors. Thus, the GSAP enables the production of a sustainability profile for a project through the assessment of performance within important sustainability topics.

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