Your input needed – Your big ideas on pushing the geothermal agenda

Your input needed – Your big ideas on pushing the geothermal agenda Asking for your input and your big ideas
Alexander Richter 25 Apr 2022

Help us with your input into this survey that is to guide a wide international geothermal industry task force to push geothermal energy in the ongoing discussions for the energy transition.

Last year, ThinkGeoEnergy joined Baseload Capital, the International Geothermal Association (IGA) and other partners in the geothermal industry to explore how we can unify in positioning geothermal energy as part of answering the world‘s climate problems. With some virtual meetings, we had a great roundtable discussion during the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 in Iceland in October 2021.

Now it is time to take things a step forward and for that we need your input in this survey, which we would be very glad you could fill out.

Link to the Survey:

The questions are focused to guide a wider industry task force to push the discussion and prepare concrete tools to help you and the various players in the geothermal sector to better sell what geothermal has to offer. The questions are targeted to learn about

  • who your target groups are that you are trying to reach with your activities,
  • who influences these target groups, and
  • what target groups are currently not part of the conversation but should be.

You can read more about the initial start of the discussions and roundtable discussions we had in these articles:

We will be presenting the findings of the survey and our take in the Virtual Seminar organised by Baseload Capital on May 12, 2022.

Baseload’s fifth virtual seminar will be focused the industry movement “The Geothermal Decade.”  Over the past six years we have seen amazing growth within geothermal energy, and Baseload Capital wants to continue this exponential growth throughout the 2020s, pushing the conversation regarding the steps needed to really deliver the energy transition by 2030 and make geothermal the foundation of clean energy.


  • Growing the vision with Andrea Blair, President of the IGA
  • Forming collaborative pathways with Richard B. Tantoco, President and COO of the EDC
  • Taiwanese government energy policy makers
  • Special Edition of Coffee with Baseload with Alexander Helling and Pernilla Wihlborg
  • Industry Task Force with Marit Brommer of the IGA and Alexander Richter of Think GeoEnergy

To register for the event click here.